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There are many types of airline revenue accounting bureau and audit services available in this field, providing anything from single-problem out-sourcing to full spectrum revenue accounting services. The ones mentioned here are those we feel may be of most interest to readers, but we would be happy to hear of any others which readers find useful and beneficial.

Please note that Mazro is not an agent for any of these revenue accounting services and receives no fee for making these services known to the industry. For more detailed information, please contact the suppliers directly through the links provided.

If you require support in assessing your revenue accounting needs and the suitability of particular solutions, we would be happy to assist. Please contact us for further information on how we can help.

UPDATE: IATA Clearing House to move from monthly to weekly clearance and settlement in 2007. Airlines and suppliers should prepare to make the necessary changes to systems and processes, including particularly changes to IDEC handling, Sample Billing and claim generation.

A UK-based operator, providing a revenue accounting service to smaller airlines headquartered mainly in Europe. The service is based on the Global GARAS2 system, originally designed for the Airlines of Britain group. Conversion to in-house operation is also offered. They can be reached at their website.

Originally a Swissair group company specialising in revenue accounting, though other services are also offered. AFS mainly supports the Swiss group, but offers revenue accounting services to the rest of the airline market. Recently bought out by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). To contact AFS, visit their website.

Kale MPS
From their Managed Process Service Centre in Mumbai, India, Kale provides services to the Airline industry world-wide. Their solution suite includes services for Passenger Revenue Accounting, Proration, Fare Audit, Deal Management and others based on their REVERA, PRISM and FAREGAIN products. The MPS  service can also be based on the airline's own revenue accounting systems. Further information can be obtained from their website.

Lufthansa Revenue Services
Part of the Lufthansa group, the Revenue Services division operates as a separate profit centre, providing services to Lufthansa itself as well as to third parties. The service is based in Hamburg. Lufthansa Revenue Services provides third party support to smaller airlines, generally in Europe, using the Mercator 'Rapid' system, which operates on the 'first-coupon' principle. For further information, see their website at Revenue-Accounting.

Mercator Revenue Accounting Bureau Service
Based on Mercator's Rapid system, and hosted in Dubai. The recently-inaugurated service operates out of Mumbai and provides a full range of basic and supplementary revenue accounting services. More details are available on their website.

Owned by Accenture, they use the PRA system developed by Andersen Consulting and Northwest Airlines. They provide a range of services, from ASP service up to and including full revenue accounting support. The service is provided from Manila and operated from data centres in Minneapolis and Sydney. Their clients are mostly based in North America and Asia/Pacific. For further information see their website at Navitaire.

A global revenue recovery service provider, which has moved into the airline business relatively recently. In the airline industry, they focus principally on fare, sales and travel audit from their UK office.

Profit Recovery Systems
Based in the USA, they offer a fare audit and incentive commission calculation service, together with receivables management and fraud detection support. They can analyse sales data, validate gross or net fares, and generate debit memos. Software applications are also available for some aspects of the service. We have been advised by Profit Recovery Systems that they have recently extended the scope of their offerings to make them more applicable to airlines trading outside the USA, which has not been the case in the past. They also plan to add other services such as ticket tax audit, and cargo audit. For further information on present and future services, see their website.

WNS Group
Once part of Speedwing, but recently sold to Warburg Pincus, WNS Group offers a full service using the Jade system, which is sales-based. The service is based in Mumbai, and benefits from its low costs. All functions are available, including the Deal Management option. This allows the client airline to have full control over its marketplace pricing initiatives, leaving the validation to the Jade system. For further information on outsourced accounting from WNS Group, see their web page.

A UK-based firm providing ticket-based audit services, including fares, class abuse, discounts and refunds, as well as an ADM generation and follow-up service from their offices in India. Reach them via their website.


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