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This page will be used to summarise various airline revenue accounting systems, and where possible, will link to their main suppliers so that further information can be obtained directly. It may also contain opinions on the products concerned.

Please note that Mazro is not an agent for any of these systems and receives no fee for making these systems known to the industry. For more detailed information, please contact the suppliers directly through the links provided.

If you require support in assessing your needs and the suitability of particular revenue accounting solutions, we would be happy to assist. Please contact us for further information on how we can help.

UPDATE: IATA Clearing House to move from monthly to weekly clearance and settlement in 2007. Airlines and suppliers should prepare to make the necessary changes to systems and processes, including particularly changes to IDEC handling, Sample Billing and claim generation.

A proration engine from Kale Consultants.
It accurately prorates large volumes of tickets with highly complex Proviso and Special Prorate Agreements (SPAs). APEX is very flexible and handles numerous conditions such as sales, travel, or routing based conditions, gateway conditions, and multilateral or fare basis conditions. APEX has been selected by IATA as one of the Neutral Fare Proration engines in the First & Final Interline Billing Service.

A system in modules from Ceicom of Argentina. Various modules are in use with a number of South American airlines. These include web-based applications for sales control, sales data and document input which are handled at local stations, for interface to a central revenue accounting module at head office.

axsRevenue Accounting
A new revenue accounting system from EDS, who have taken over Atraxis. No known customers as yet.

A PC-based revenue accounting system for small airlines from BG-Aerosoft, a Hungarian company. Little is known about this system or its users, and any feedback would be useful.

A proration engine from ATPCO, widely used by North American airlines but less so elsewhere, though the international customer base is expanding.  CIPS supports a wide range of bilateral agreement types, and also interfaces directly to other ATPCO services, such as the TCN exchange service and the historical fares database. CIPS is provided as a centralised service, managed by ATPCO, to which  Airlines submit their data, and receive test files in return, from which they validate the results before going live. CIPS is one of the prorate engines selected by IATA to provide the Neutral Fare Proration core of the new First & Final Interline Billing Service, and as such, it is likely to become more widely known and used. ATPCO also offer the PIPPS system, again used almost exclusively in North America.

An industry-leading proration engine from Speedwing, a part of the British Airways group. Widely used around the world. Comprehensive proviso and SPA functionality, and available on a variety of platforms, from mainframe to Unix to PC. The latest release has been web-enabled, allowing easy distribution to sales and marketing offices around the world. Kale Consultants have taken over support of this product, and are now enhancing it further.

A recent system from IER France, used by several small African and European airlines. Makes heavy use of function keys to support entry and analysis of data. Supports data entry by barcode or ATB magstripe, integrates with scanners for image storage and retrieval, handles IDEC for interline billing, incorporates the RATD tax database for interline taxes, and outputs claim forms in the Web F12 format for automated entry to the IATA Clearing House. Many different reports also available. For further information, contact IER France

A small system from Orbis Informatik of Germany, developed for Eurowings and now available to other airlines. EVA is internet-enabled, supports e-ticketing, imaging and IDEC, and links to Kale's COPS for proration. Runs under Unix with an Informix database.

A cut-down version of Rapid from Mercator of Dubai. Theoretically it offers many of the same functions, and can be upgraded to Rapid if required. We have no reports from any users.

A system for smaller international airlines from AAS of the UK. Originally developed by Manx Airlines and used by several mainly local airlines in Europe and the Caribbean. Good all-round functionality for small airlines, backed by an associated bureau service.

A powerful sales-based revenue accounting system, running on a Unix platform. Designed for airlines with a high degree of automated sales, and a need for comprehensive accounting control. In this system, manual access to individual accounts is mostly prohibited, and sensitive accounts are entirely system-controlled. The system operates on a full 'gross and net' principle, and allows all point of sale discounts to be validated and accounted for. Full marketing control of discount agreements is available as an option. True sales-based systems are more complex and sophisticated than their first-coupon cousins, and thus tend to be more expensive. Jade is marketed by WNS Group.

A PC-based revenue accounting system marketed by Revenue Accounting Systems for small to medium-sized airlines. Easy to install and manage, it operates on either a first-coupon or sales/yield basis, or both at the same time if required, determined by route or sales area. Supports various BSP and airline ticketing system data feeds, including E-ticket and ticketless (PNR-based) travel, and has an imaging system interface. Also includes a full management reporting package. Generally platform-independent, and can be operated over the Internet.

A smaller system used by many European regional airlines. Supports E-ticketing and interline sample billing. Can be operated as a module in a comprehensive airline management system, or on a stand-alone basis. Runs on Unix or Windows. Also available as an ASP or hosted service. More information from SofTec in Germany.

The be-all and end-all of revenue accounting systems - probably the largest and most powerful of all. Not generally sold as a system for in-house use, it is usually available as an ASP service. It was developed by Andersen Consulting and Northwest Airlines of the USA. The system makes full use of imaging in its normal functions to remove the need for moving paper around a revenue accounting department, and provides comprehensive fare-audit and recovery functions. The system supports First & Final Billing. See the Navitaire website for further information.

A proration engine from Mercator. It appears to have similar functionality to the other prorate engines, but claims to offer better SPA/Proviso performance reporting facilities.

From the Sabre Group, a 'first-coupon' type system, though it is reportedly operable as a sales-based system for those who prefer. It is a large system (originally mainframe-based), reliant on high volumes of automated data. It is not generally suited to input of manual ticket data. System modules are available separately if required, and a hosted version is also offered under the eMergo brand. For further information, see the Sabre group web site.


An @ series (AS/400) solution for smaller airlines from IFR, which also incorporates links to IER ATB readers for direct input of uplifted documents. The system includes a proration module and an imaging interface. Available as software or on a hosted/ASP basis.

From Mercator, a division of Emirates of Dubai. A 'first coupon' system based on Oracle, it has good functionality and good management reporting. The passenger system is used by generally small to medium sized airlines, on either Unix or Windows NT. Details are available from their website.

A Java-based revenue accounting system from Kale Consultants, described as being first-coupon based or sales-based according to the user's choice. Uses the APEX proration engine (described above), and includes comprehensive management reporting, discount control and fare audit modules. The system also provides the backbone of their MPS managed process service.

An AS/400 based system from Rene Perez Associates of the USA. Widely used in Latin America, less so elsewhere. A number of updates have been made in recent years, but the system appears to have lost its way, and has declined in popularity. We have now identified their website which can be visited for further information. RPA have recently been bought by SITA, so changes to their approach can be expected.

A collaboration between LRS and HP, designed to interface to SAP R/3, and running on HP-Unix with Windows NT workstations. Used as the basis of the outsourced service from LRS, but also available as software. Likely to be suited mainly to larger airlines due to its complexity, though theoretically scalable. For more information, contact Lufthansa Systems or HP.


A new system from ASI, updating their original ARMS system. No feedback on this system yet.


Also, image management and document retrieval systems:



Established leaders in the field for airline document scanning and imaging for medium-sized airlines, their Aries system is used by a number of airlines.


Straight Banana

A newcomer to the industry, now linked-up with ATPCo. They offer both coupon management and image-supported interline billing. Details are available from their website.


Suppliers of high-throughput systems, mainly suited to larger airlines. They have numerous users in the airline community. More information from their website.



Also known as ImageTrac, after the systems they supply. Mainly used by larger airlines, though not exclusively. See their website for further information.

Hosting services provided by Image-In