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Mazro Consulting has provided support to a number of organisations around the world. Each of these clients has received practical advice and guidance which has enabled them to improve their business and focus more effectively on their clients. For example:

In South East Asia, airlines have received advice and guidance on the integration of discount management within their business, together with the implementation of control and audit mechanisms. This has enabled them to take control of marketplace pricing, and develop sales competitively and profitably without causing yields to spiral downwards.

In South Asia, a major supplier to the airline industry has received strategic organisational and product management consultancy. This has enabled the company to focus its business most effectively, and to develop a coherent product strategy, benefiting both the company and its clients.

In Europe, Mazro Consulting has developed training courses to enable a major supplier to offer discount management training in association with its supply of revenue accounting systems and other services. Our staff have also completed an important research and analysis project on e-commerce solutions for travel agencies for an international industry body.

In Africa, we supported another supplier by reviewing the revenue accounting processes of a major East African airline, and recommending changes necessary to make best use of their existing revenue accounting system.

In North America we have helped a SATA organisation to specify, source and implement new, industry-standard revenue accounting systems and approaches, and helped an international industry body to develop and deliver a new interline billing service to the industry.

In addition, our staff have wide experience in airport management, passenger operations, sales, marketing, GSA and handling agency selection and management and incident procedure planning.

With this breadth of experience, we can see a problem from your perspective, and bring our expertise to bear on defining and implementing effective solutions for you.

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