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Much effort goes into the style of the airline, the marketing and sales effort, the crew uniforms, the aircraft painting, and of course safety. But how much goes into the first point of contact between the customer and the staff? And what happens if there are problems on arrival? The last contact before an unhappy passenger relates his story to sympathetic friends will be with your customer service staff.

This is too often the forgotten link - staff working under pressure in often adverse conditions, and with procedures and practices that are frequently out of date when compared to the rapidly changing competitive position.

We are experienced in building and maintaining effective passenger management operations. We can review your existing procedures and processes, assess your business needs and objectives against your resources and facilities, and help you to get there as quickly and effectively as possible. In doing so, we will help your staff to take a customer- oriented view of your passengers, and maximise their chances or returning to you again and again.

We have experience of all aspects of airline operations, including managing handling agency relations, with particular emphasis on developing effective passenger management processes.

We can help you to succeed.

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