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Mazro Consulting exists to help airlines around the world to achieve better returns from their business. Our expertise is built up from many years of real world experience in Airline Revenue Accounting, Airline Sales and Marketing, Information Technology and Solution Supply.

We avoid the use of top-heavy management consultancy approaches, preferring to work with your staff to address root causes, and build up solutions from there. As a result, we gain the buy-in of all involved, and help them to maximise the airline's potential. Even where external factors mean that a particular approach is mandated, we can help to smooth the way forward, minimise friction and avoid drag on the airline's performance.

Most particularly, we look for the most cost-effective reconciliation between available systems, and existing business processes and procedures. Rather than extending budgets to cover system development for every possible need, we look for low cost ways to make smaller changes which still deliver high benefits. We identify where minor changes to working practices can achieve a better fit with planned or existing systems, to provide a more cost-effective overall solution than major system re-development.

We are here to transfer our experience to you, and ensure that you reap the benefit.

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